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Appendix 3: Participants in the Workshop on Transparency in Standards and Practices of Peer Review

Published onMay 28, 2018
Appendix 3: Participants in the Workshop on Transparency in Standards and Practices of Peer Review

Sabina Alam Editorial Director, F1000

Micah Altman Director of Research, MIT Libraries

Beth Bouloukos Senior Acquisition Editor, Amherst College Press

Amy Brand Director, MIT Press

Rebecca Bryant Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

Andy Collings Executive Editor, eLife

Seth Denbo Director of Scholarly Communication, American Historical Association and Digital Initiatives                                           

Mark Edington Director, Amherst College Press

Terry Ehling Director for Strategic Initiaives, MIT Press

Mary Francis Editorial Director, University of Michigan Press

Aileen Fyfe Professor of History, University of St Andrews

Angela Gibson Director of Scholarly Communication, MLA

Matthew Goldfeder Director of Fellowship Programs, American Council of Learned Societies

Joerg Heber Editor in Chief, PLOS

Christie Henry Director, Princeton University Press

Heather Joseph Executive Director, SPARC

Danny Kingsley Head of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge

Elizabeth Knoll Assistant Provost for Faculty Appointments, Harvard University

Jennifer Lin Director of Product Management, Crossref

Nick Lindsay Director of Journals and Open Access, MIT Press

Alexa McCray Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School

Gita Manaktala Editorial Director,  MIT Press

Jason Mittell Professor of Film & Media Culture and American Studies, Middlebury College

Ross Mounce Open Access Grants Manager, Arcadia Fund

Diane Peters General Counsel, Creative Commons

Deborah Poff Vice Chair, Committee on Publication Ethics

Andrew Preston Chief Executive Officer, Publons

John Randell Director of Science, Engineering and Technology Programs, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Kristen Ratan Executive Director, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

Tony Ross-Hellauer Senior Researcher, Open Science, Know-Center

Jeffrey Spies Chief Technology Officer, Center for Open Science

Lisa Trivedi Professor of History, Hamilton College; Chair of the Editorial Board, Lever Press

Charles Watkinson Director, University of Michigan Press

Christa Williford Director of Research and Assessment, Council on Library and Information Resources

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